80 20 Making advertising acceptable

Advertising regulations, attitudes and rules.


Chen, Ye-Sho, Chong, P. Pete and Tong, Yueguo (2005) ‘Theoretical foundation of the 80/20 rule’, Scientometrics, 28(2): 183-204 (http://www.akademiai.com/content/wx66735796130045/)

Chou-Hong Chen, Jason, Chong,  P. Pete and Chen, Ye-Sho (2001) ‘Decision Criteria Consolidation: A Theoretical Foundation of Pareto Principle to Porter’s Competitive Forces’, Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, 11(1)

Keller, Robert T. (1984) ‘The Harvard “Pareto Circle” and the Historical Development of Organization Theory’, Journal of Management, 10(2): 193-204 (http://jom.sagepub.com/content/10/2/193.short)


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